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Vannessa Riascos

Vannessa Riascos

Executive Assistant

Vannessa Riascos is a driven, soon-to-be college graduate hailing from Houston, Texas. She spent her formative years in the culturally rich city of Cali, Colombia, shaping her into a well-rounded individual. Her academic journey has been anchored in a passion for business management, as she is set to graduate with a degree that reflects her dedication and hard work.

As a true advocate for personal growth, Vannessa has an insatiable appetite for learning, constantly seeking opportunities that take her out of her comfort zone. She believes in the power of pushing boundaries and embracing the unknown as a means of personal and professional development. Beyond her undergraduate journey, Vannessa’s aspirations extend to obtaining her master’s degree, a testament to her commitment to lifelong learning. 

Vannessa’s excitement for delving into the realm of financial planning is matched only by her desire to share the importance of financial literacy with her community, empowering others on their financial journey. Vannessa is eagerly looking forward to the opportunity of learning from the experienced financial advisors she will be working alongside. She is enthusiastic about acquiring knowledge and gaining hands-on experience in the dynamic field of finance. With her sights set on professional growth, Vannessa anticipates contributing and thriving with ROA2.