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ROA works with business owners who love what they do.  They enjoy their line of business, know it better than anyone else, and measure success by their ability to run the company, earn a profit and make a difference in the community.  In our experience, most business owners are so busy with day-to-day operations that they don’t stop to think about events that could derail their success.  Things like:

  • What would happen to your business if you weren’t there to run it?
  • Can you take a vacation without worrying about what’s going on at the business?
  • What would happen to your business if your partner or a key employee left?
  • Will you have enough money to retire when you want to?
  • Will the sale of your business provide you with enough lifetime income?

Our job is to help business owners with planning for “what if” so that their businesses can thrive and they are financially prepared for anything that comes their way.

We've worked with businesses from the start-up stage, through growth and maturity and ultimately preparing for transfer.

We focus on these areas for comprehensive, tax-efficient business planning:

  1. Business succession
  2. Business Evaluation and Sellability
  3. Business Buy-Sell strategies
  4. Employee benefits
  5. Tax Strategies
  6. Asset Protection

The families we work with care about their future and the future of their family members.  They're passionate about creating, protecting, and building the life they love so they can spend their days with the ones they love.

Some of the support ROA can provide includes:

Wealth Accumulation & Investment Management

  • Asset protection
  • Tax strategies
  • Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans
  • Pension strategies
  • Wealth management

Estate Planning

  • Liquidity to help pay estate taxes
  • Protect estate for future generations
  • Assure proper asset distribution
  • Tax reduction strategies
  • Charitable giving strategies

Protection Planning

  • Employee benefits
  • Disability Income Insurance
  • Business protection
  • Buy-sell agreement funding

Any discussion of taxes is for general information purposes only, does not purport to be complete or cover every situation, and should not be construed as legal, tax or accounting advice. Estate
Planning services are provided working in conjunction with your Estate Planning Attorney, Tax
Attorney and/or CPA. Consult them for specific advice on legal and tax matters.